Back and forth

17. března 2006 v 15:10 | amethyste |  aaliyah-texty
[Times 5] Let me see you go back

Let be see you go forth

It's Friday

and I'm ready to sing pick up my girls

and hit the party seen

tonight oh oh it's alright umm

so get up and let this funky mellow grove get

you in the mood cause you

know it's alright

(back round - so Mr. DJ keep the music grooving

don't stop moving

let me see you, let me see you go

Back, back forth and forth [times 4]

(see you go back and forth)

Now it's time for you

to make your move to the dance floor

so throw your hands in the air

and wave them around like you just don't care

ya oh it's the liyah

living up to the stage I got jazz personality,

G mentality beats of tre


So if the DJ keep on moving

don't stop movïng know let me hear you go

back and forth

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